[H] <Concordant> 11/12M NYA, LFM to finish Nzoth/CE

We are currently looking for a few strong players to collaborate with to finish up M Nzoth for CE. Tues/Thurs 8:30-11:30pm EST (possibly Wed. nights as well). Starting Tues. 9/1.

Looking for a new raiding home? <Concordant> on Turalyon is recruiting! We are a progression oriented guild consisting of working adults (18+ only). We work to conquer as much raid content as possible during our set schedule, as well as Mythic 10+ keys every week. We are a long-running guild that values high attendance, positive raiding attitude, personal effort, and a friendly, team focused raid environment.

Faction: Horde
Realm: Turalyon (US)
Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-11:30pm EST
Cleared: 11/12M NYA, 4/8M EP
Recruitment contacts: Novasolan#1621, Died#1748, Cali#1143
Discord contact: Novasolan#9219

Needs: Fire Mage, Warlock, Hunter, Rogue.
(We will also consider other classes!)

Good evening everyone! Concordant is actively recruiting - get in touch with Novasolan if you’re looking for a new home!

Raid spots still available!

Still looking for more! Come join us, relaxed drama free environment 100% guaranteed!

Hi I see you’re looking for a tank, I would be more then happy to talk to one of you to see if our interests align and to tell alittle about myself and raiding history and show logs. I would also bring 2 other solid dps (ele shaman and warlock) If they were interested. If you guys are interested My battle tag is everla#1734 and my discord is Ribbons#2123 and to make things easier I’m already on the turalyon server. Hope to hear from you guys :slight_smile:

Couple new recruits picked up, but still room for a few more to get that progression rolling along nice and smooth! Looking for strong DPS to make me feel bad about my parses :slight_smile:

Still need a few bodies, if you’re looking for a great relaxed and drama free raiding experience you won’t find a better home!

Still looking for more!
So far we’ve got some solid recruits but a couple more peeps are always welcome!

We’re still looking to fill some dps spots! :upside_down_face:

Spots are filling fast!
Come join a drama free guild with a relaxed environment but focused on progressing!

UPDATE: Ashvane down! we’re 4/8M now and working on Gorgonzola! :smiley:

Still seeking DPS raiders!

Bump to keep Noskill out of Classic!

Bump! Still recruiting DPS!

We’re working on our Orgozoa Kill, still looking for DPS, Rogues, Shadowpriests, preferred but any Mythic ready raider is considered :smiley:

Still looking for Rogues!

Please join so Noskill stops begging me to come back from Classic!

Still looking for more raiders! Working our way through Orgozoa.

Still have open DPS spots - working on Orgozoa.

Also can take a DH for our raid team.