[H] Company Inc. WED/FRI 6-10 ST recruiting resto sham

8/8 BWL 10/10 MC. Current MC clear times are sub 2hr. Raid 1 is recruiting a resto shaman to lock in our roster.

Raid times are 6-10 server time Wed/Friday

Loot distribution for both raids is soft reserve/prio list & loot council

We encourage any and all! From semi-hardcore to casuals, there is a place in the company for you. Performance is reviewed by HR and evaluations will be handled in a professional manner. Watch out for the Janitor’s!

Message me on discord, or any of our officers today for more information; Stutterfly | Kagaraga | Graydon |Tuline | Malinax | Gukar | Corto | Incognito | SeenonTV

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