(H) (Comfortably Rum) LF 2 Dps Raid/Pvp/Mythic + players

We could def use any of those…lets chat…bt maybella#1211

Sent it yesterday. Just waiting on you to accept it.

Needing a super DK

Needing a hard hitter to join the team!

Looking for a couple vet raiders…recruiting all for progression…could use Tank (plate) /Spriest/Mage/Ret pally/Dk/Dh …any of those will work!

2 spots available…Dk…Ret…Spriest…Mage…ww monk…lf vet raiders

Have spot available…lf long term vet

Still needing 2 more…come join!

Need a tank 200+ …pushing keys is a super plus

Still need a tank and 1 dps.

I think you responded to my post awhile back, my brother and I (Druid Tank and WW monk) are looking for a new place to raid, both 200+ and with 3/10M experience on different characters. I think you’re on my friends list, hit me up when you’re online and we can chat! Zander#1421

Looking for a few more mythic + pushers and Pvp arena and rbgs players …also may be able to fit you in to raid also

What level keys are you all typically running and generally the times running them?

We are doing 10 at least…some def higher and timing well you def always plan on it

RBG AT 8 SUNDAYS…need dps and a tank and KEY RUNNERS for nightly mythics…

Looking to add a.few more to raiding for a 2/4/12 comp…spots open for Rbgs at 8 sundays…mythic + runners.

Looking for a group of dps…and a heal prefer druid or priest…help raid lead… no preassure just help with calling out mechanics and setting up fights with a chill and positive approach to progress. I am wanting to expand the grp so we can push aotc and get a few mythic kills

Still in search for 2 dps keepers …prefer Spriest/Ret/Rogue …but consider any vet player…we have a bit of everthing

Arena …Sunday Rbg at 8 server and mythic + key runners

Need 2 more dps for raid…rogue/spriest/Dk/Lock/Hunter
Recruiting mythic+/pvp players