[H] <Climax> [8/8 BWL] Raid Tues/Weds 5:45PM Server

Climax was formed in 2006 with the remaining members of a disbanded progression guild. Unhappy with the way previous guilds handled loot and drama, we sought to create an environment that rewarded friendship and loyalty above greed and power tripping. Our core have successful completed end game content as it was current from Vanilla - MoP, as well as pvping in the upper tier as Grand Marshall/High Warlords in Vanilla to Gladiators in TBC onward. In classic we plan to raid content as it is released 2-3 days per week and group world pvp/battlegrounds during the raid lockout periods.

We are looking for dedicated people to become part of the guild. We’re not looking for faceless applicants to fill empty slots. We’re looking for people we can hang out with on Discord while progressing through raids and grouping for BGs and World PvP.

If you are interested in joining, contact any of the following players in game for an invite.


We did Molten Core today and smashed some bosses.

We’re also doing Onyxia tomorrow and more Molten Core in the following weeks. If you’re in-game around 5:30 Server Time on weeknights, send one of us a message! We need all classes & specs.

I joined up a few weeks back while leveling having never known any of them before, we played on different servers in Vanilla. They are a chill group of folks that still get stuff done when needed, but understand folks have real lives outside the game as well. Take a chance with Climax.

If you join us I will show you all the cool fishing spots.

8/10 MC, soon to be 10/10 (rep grind). We are building a very solid group to go through to Naxx. Chill yet efficient raids with a really fun atmosphere. We are still seeking DPS and a few healers to completely fill our roster. Pugs welcome to give us a try Tues/Weds 530 Server Time for MC.

We’re looking for some more healers to fill out our ranks. If you’re interested, message myself, Bosslevel, Megaphone, Studer, Thandi, or Healdoken. You’re welcome to join us in the discord and run some groups to see how you like us, or join our next MC run on Tuesday.

We have temporarily re-opened recruitment to bolster our ranks for BWL and beyond. We are looking for 2 Resto Druids, 1 Moonkin Druid, 1 Resto Shaman and 1 Warlock. However, we will consider any other classes interested in joining.

We are a loot council guild, and we are currently clearing MC on Tuesday in about 2 hours. Onyxia on Wednesday.

Very friendly and active discord. In guild world PvP groups are out and about often.

Rerolling shaman.

Do it. DO IT.

Rawrmatt says he’ll pay for your second account if you reroll on it.

If there are any Resto or Boomkin Druids out there, we need you! We’re always looking for exceptional players to join our ranks, so drop us a line regardless of what class you’re playing.

We are actively seeking (2) Resto Druids, (1) Moonkin Druid, and (1) Rogue. As always, exceptional players of all classes will be considered, so feel free to contact us if you are interested.

You guys need a priest?

Sorry buddy, we’re really full on Priests right now.

Yeah man I was talking to an officer alt last night, he did say i could be a sub and after thinking about it i i willing to do that if you will have me.

I am raid BIS (not pre-bis) except for Cauterizing band and prophecy boots. So i don’t really need gear from MC all that much.

But if i can prove myself valuable I would not mind getting in from time to time.

Anubiss in game name

Looking for a few good folks to join us for BWL, preference for resto druid or moonkin, but open to any non-warrior/rogue/shaman applicants. If you’re interested contact any of Bosslevel, Megaphone, Studer, Thandi, Healdoken, or Rawrmatt.

Bumping this, starting BWL next week, interested in any non-warrior/rogue/warlock applicants! If you’re interested contact any of Bosslevel, Megaphone, Studer, Thandi, Healdoken, or Rawrmatt.

We are currently recruiting for BWL progression and beyond. 6/8 as of last week, we expect to be 8/8 this week. We pride ourselves on keeping a very chill and fun raid environment while still completing content.

We are seeking the following classes for core raiding spots.

Resto Shaman: 1
Holy Priest: 1
Resto Druid: 1
Hunter: 1
Rogue: 1

All exceptional players encouraged to inquire.

We’re still looking for a couple more players to help round off our roster! Please drop us a line if you’re interested in farming Nefarian until we burst open the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj.

Resto Druid: 1
Holy/Disc Priest: 1

We are currently seeking 1 Holy priest and 1 Resto Druid for core raid spots.

Currently clearing BWL in under 2 hours and MC in about an hour. Chill raids with lots of laughs.