[H] Classic Raiders Recruiting for AQ

Hello Kromcrush,

We are currently looking to add 3 core raiders ahead of AQ:

  • 1 Resto Shaman
  • 1 High Parsing Mage or Lock (95+)
  • 1 DPS Warrior

We raid on Monday / Wednesday 7:00-10:00 PM ST and use a Loot Council system based on attendance, performance and preparation.

Classic Raiders is one of the most accomplished guild on the server:

  • Horde fastest MC clear in P1/P2 (45min);
  • Horde first BWL progression;
  • Currently 4th fastest BWL clear on Horde (42min).

Come join us for a good time. Contact Benson, Vagisil, Ragingrosy or Spades.


We currently have the rank 1 spot for fastest Horde clear time on the server, and we pretty much do it completely casually. All you need to know.


I heard they did it without benson’s bow receiving windfury too


The game has to nerf me to make this fair bro :frowning:

Ps Demento still has nightmares of you, you scary scary warrior.



My R14 has the classic raiders stamp of approval


Grats on R14, i’ll be sure to vanish and sprint whenever I see you in the world

Benson is a big deal. This is what went down in NTFL discord on 1/28

  • NTFL moving along in MC
  • Benson says something in /general
  • random guy #1 in NTFL discord “(laughs) … look, it’s Benson”
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My autism knows no limit.

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Benson 4 Prez

Yeah, but do you currently have the #1 Horde hunter on the server? Wink wink Benson.

I will never be first in Complete Raids Damage as I am pulling/marking for the guild…

Arcane shot rank 1 and leaving mobs at 30% hp aint so good for dps :frowning:

Oh I figured your keyboard wasn’t functioning so I was gonna ask for your paypal. :grin:

Bump. Still looking for a high parsing mage (90+) and a resto shaman for BWL!

Bump for the hunter squad.

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Bump. Just need a resto shaman and we’re set baby!

Kromcrush must have a serious shortage on resto shaman, seems like every guild is looking for them. Good luck.

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Bump. Resto Shamans, come wipe with us in BWL!

Bump. 8/8 BWL now as well, need another resto shaman or any other well geared/parsing players. Whisper me, Benson, Vagisil or Ragingrosy

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Shout out to the first horde guild to clear BWL


Still looking for a resto shaman and a back-up/bench hunter.

Come join us for BWL loot pinata.