[H] <City Lights> 10/10 H - Tues, Wed 8-11 PM EST - recruiting dps & healers!

Quick Facts:

  • Progression: 10/10 H
  • In search of enthusiastic players for raid and mythic+
  • Raid Times: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST - Tues & Wed
  • Contact us in-game: Raptzor, Tevitharon
  • Contact us on discord: Tev#2586

Recruitment Needs:

-Druid (rdps)
-Priest (healer)
-Death Knight (dps)
-Demon Hunter (dps)


-All other dps
-All other healers


However, players of any class and spec are always welcome.

Who we are:

City Lights was formed in 2020 by a few long time friends and raiders. We have experienced leadership that aims to create a community focused on progression raiding with a casual schedule. We are a group of players who want nothing less than to kill bosses, collect loot, and have fun doing it as a team.

What we’re looking for in our members:

  • Players who are enthusiastic about raiding.
  • You should have adequate knowledge of your class and spec.
  • You should have decent computer specs and a reliable internet connection.
  • Commitment, dedication, and desire to help the guild and raid team be successful.
  • Maturity, patience, and discipline.
  • A positive attitude and personality.

What we can offer you:

  • Progression oriented raiding.
  • A respectful community that helps each other improve and become better players.
  • Active and helpful members.

Additional Info:

  • Regardless of our listed needs, we are considering players of all classes and specializations. Any specific questions about positions available will be answered upon contacting us.

  • We are also interested in anyone that’s willing to be a part of our guild community outside of raiding. There are plenty of ways we would like to have people get involved with us (alt runs, pvp, mythic+, other games, etc.). Players of any skill level are always welcome!

  • Our guild is not just progression oriented - we are building a community that aims to have fun in all aspects of the game, while respecting other players in every way.

If you have any further questions please contact Tev#2586 on discord or find us in game.

Thank you!


Can confirm. Good guild and people. Also has sexy tanks and heals.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out for more info. Real chill group of players here :slight_smile:

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Updated. Looking for dps and heals!

Still looking for folks. Don’t be shy!

Hi friends! Looking for more raiders to join the fun.

Congrats on getting to Denathrius :slight_smile:


^ Thanks!
Still looking for some strong dps players!

AOTC baybeeeee!!

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Hi friends!

Hello friends! We’ve also been doing mythics and mount/pet/transmog runs! The guild is pretty LGBTQ+ friendly and no drama. (Also 18+ because some of us swear like sailors.) <3 But a great guild 10/10 you might say.

Always looking for raiders and mythic+ pumpers! pst