[H] Chu Chu Noodle Co

Just a general bump, guilds continuing to grow, currently more active in the evening/ late night for those who prefer to play then though decently comparable activity during morning and afternoon.

Feel free to message Jeatminting or Bitebizz ingame or via mail or add the discord listed in original ad <3 Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.

Grandchildren who keeps using portals to steal my pies?

Nealoth does grandmother, saw him sticking his pointy elf fingas into em just to ruin em too!

In other news chu is continuing to recruit! Looking for a social group of good-natured people? We might be the guild for you! Most nights there’s guild dungeons, islands expeditions or PVP both open-world tomfoolery and battlegrounds sometimes. Have a great night everyone. Special thanks to all those who continue to support us in our effort to build something awesome <3

That darn elf I thought he started looking a little more rounded. Though remember grandchildren you can always just ask if your hungry. You got to keep your strength up to fight those Gnomes and overgrown fish peoples.

Sent you an in game mail Bitebizz. Thanks

Hey Grandchild how would you feel about hosting a soup kitchen on Thursdays? Many homeless and hungry out there.

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That could be really fun hit me up ingame love.

I am with one of my toon on this guild. Fun, but due to my nature of doing current contents + harder stuff, it is definitly challenge to teach/help them be more exposed to do some cooler tricks and awesome things. I’m sure everyone in this guild loves doing stuff with me as well, because I am indeed a great help.

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Oof been awhile since we bumped this, Guild is still active and growing, we should have some wonderful updates to the guild ad soon, if your looking for a excellent social guild consider contacting Bitebizz ingame, have a wonderful day everyone.

You guys sell tshirts? I feel like my Vulpera would wear a Chu Chu Noodle tshirt.

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We are so unlocking guild shirts when they are a thing so yes.

A huge thank you to Chu Chu Noodle Co for their help and prize donations to the recent Sepulcher Charity Benefit event! It’s people willing to pitch in like them that make this realm a great place!


Just gotta unlock the guild achievement. Super easy, just grab 3 guildies and run through the listed MoP Scenarios.

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Haha yeah i finally pulled up a article today on guild perks etc and was like oh… these have been a thing for years blep

Chu Chu has been very good to me, I have never really played Horde before and they sorta adopted me.
I love them all :sparkling_heart:


Its been a slow hustle of recruiting folks , however can say confidentlly all that work has paid off. <3 Current state of the guild has enough folks on at most times of day that teams for non raid content can be tossed together, guild chatter is fairly active and people continue to excel at helping each other as they are able to.

I’m biased being the guildmaster, however if you are looking for a social guild, that also sticks to its goal of making the wow community a more enjoyable place, consider our guild.

~ Bite out


this is the first horde guild i’ve been in since Warlords, and honestly i have to say they’re pretty great! everyone’s pretty friendly, there’s almost always one person online, and that sort of thing is great for someone (like me) who doesn’t like to play the game without someone to talk to! :heartpulse:


:two_hearts: This guild is everything to me, from the guildmaster always helping out, to the officers being kind, to just the guildies helping out! Whether it’s helping with professions, quests, dungeons, or even wq stuff. I’ve found a home, and it’s with Chu :3

//repost cause wrong toon


Tbh not a huge update information wise in this bump, things continue per usual just chill folks being chill together. Slowly chipping away at guild achievements, and doing what each of us can do to stay sane while social distancing, still embarrassingly low on tauren and troll players, this is a sad thing, please don’t make the goblin sad.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guild ad.

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As one of the more recent members of the guild, I just have one thing to say. It’s a guild full of wonderful, kind people, and I’m really happy to be a part of it. So thank you.

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