[H] Cheesy Gordita Bunch is recruiting for AQ Progression!

Cheesy Gordita Bunch is currently recruiting for a small number of main raid spots for AQ40 Progression!

We are a group of Taco Bell Cultists… I mean enthusiasts … who want to bring in other people to build our cult … erhm… community. We are a group of solid players with a great foundation and synergy.

We currently clear MC/BWL in 1 night on Tuesdays. We are not aiming to be “hardcore” although we are not casual either, what we want to do is have a good time progressing through content and have fun while doing it! We intend on downing KT together and hopefully progressing into TBC if announced.

Not available to raid? Wanna be social? Care about PvP? Only available to raid 1 night a week? YOU CAN STILL JOIN! We are accepting all members to grow and strengthen our community! We have a standby roster for raiding, frequently have PvP groups as well as dungeon groups going!

Raid Times For Progression:

Tuesday - 9PM EST to Midnight - AQ40
Thursday - 9PM EST to Midnight - AQ40
Monday - 9PM EST to 11PM - BWL / MC (May be extended to Midnight or potentially be a "Bindings" only clear of MC)
**As soon as we can we will decrease to AQ40 on Tuesday and BWL/MC on Thursday. With Monday being ZGs/AQ20/Onys etc other guild events

High Needs

1 - Healing Priest
1 to 2 - Warrior DPS
1 to 2 - Resto Shamans
Open to other classes, please reach out to discus available spots in roster!

Loot System

Minimum Bid DKP with a weekly 30% Decay.


"I haven't eaten Taco Bell in years before I joined <Cheesy Gordita Bunch>, now I eat it at least once a week" - Samo
"I was promised free tacos" - Tacostand
"10/10 Cheesiest Guild on the server" - Bigchalupa
"We have the best mage, Kimberly, on the server" - Kimberly


Reach out to Isuckatheals in game or shoot me a message on discord!


Guild Charter, and other information available upon request!

Lets Taco 'Bout It!