[H] <Chart With Upwards Trend> 11/11M Sepulchre 10/10M SoD Tu/Th 7-10p PST LF dps

Guild & Server: <Chart With Upwards Trend> US - Tichondrius
Raid Times/Days: Tues/Thurs 7:00-10:00pm PST
Current Progression: 11/11M Sepulchre, 10/10M SoD
Recruitment Contact: BNET - Ashardalon#11596 / Discord - Ashardalon#4631
Requirements: Positive attitude, recent mythic logs, and a willingness to slay bosses. Consumables are paid for but we take mythic boe’s to fund the cost.
Needs: DPS with a focus on ranged. Any other exceptional players are welcome to apply!
Trial Period: 2 weeks with option to extend if we feel it’s necessary
More Info: We are a guild comprised of chill, positive people who enjoy slaying bosses and doing M+. We don’t believe in having hyper-competitive slots , but at the end of the day, we do what it takes to achieve CE so people will be asked to step out if necessary. We usually maintain a roster of ~23 so people will be asked to sit some bosses during prog depending on class/play but everyone will get many chances to do prog.

We look forward to hearing from you!


el bumpico

Just got council down, green man next

BUMPERINO PLZERINO thanks for reading

GREEN MAN DOWN (finally) :stuck_out_tongue:

Bumpbumpbump SLG prog looking good

bump for my boys in SLG

Bumping, SLG dies soon for sure :slight_smile:

whats the new guild name gonna be tho???

Bumping for 9.1! hypeee

hunters modCheck?

looking for baller dps and healers!

still looking for that big damage

Gimme them tanks, we got a slot open for a good one :smiley:

Still recruiting!

bumping, need one healer (if you can flex that would be even better :slight_smile: )

bumperoo we still need people

Bumping, just got KT down time for some Sylvanas

wow we are still a really cool raid team come on

Still actively looking for affliction lock, mm/bm hunter, and resto shaman. Don’t be afraid to add me on any platform and have a chat.