H <Chaotic Control> [4/12M, 12/12H]

Chaotic Control is in search of phenomenal players on Whisperwind-Dentarg to add to it’s roster for Mythic Ny’alotha progression and Mythic+ for io scores. We are group of individuals who strive to be as competitive as possible while maintaining an inviting and comedic environment. As of 07/09/2020, Chaotic Control is 4/12M with a successful kill on Shad’har the Insatiable! We begin progression on Hivemind this upcoming Saturday!

Raid Times :
Our raids are as listed:
Heroic Full Clear: Tuesday 7-11 CST
Mythic Progression: Thursday/Saturday 7-11 CST
(Our Guild Master and officers are currently deciding which day to make our third progression day, but these are our current ones.)

Requirements :
•Vantus Rune for current progression boss
•Discord; Talking isn’t necessary, but listening is.
•A good attitude and a strong level of determination. This is Mythic content and won’t come easily. Patience and determination will be needed.
•We have both men and women amongst our roster and expect the highest level of respect for them. We all appreciate a bit of crude humor, but there is a line and we have a no tolerance policy for stepping beyond it.
•Attendance is important to progression, but we understand life happens. We ask that you get in contact with one of our officers or Guild Master and inform us of your absence/delay so that we can make the necessary adjustments.
•Knowledge of your class is important. With the amount of resources available to study and learn your class, we expect you to be able to perform your role to the best of your ability.
•Ahead of the Curve preferred for current content.

Preferred Classes :
•Protection Paladin
•Holy Paladin
•Fire Mage
•Brewmaster Monk
If your class and specialization aren’t listed above, please still apply. I’d be more than happy to still speak with you!

Please message me in-game (Boomie-Dentarg, Carnold-Dentarg) or anyone inside the guild for more information regarding recruitment. I look forward to speaking with you soon.




Bumping up! Hivemind tonight!