(H) CE raider (Ele Sham) coming back from Hiatus LF Guild

Ele Shaman (230 ilvl) coming back from lengthy hiatus looking for raiding guild.

  • Multi CE/High key m+

Most recent logs: Shamdood - Area 52 - Warcraft Logs

Other notable tiers: Shamdood - Area 52 - Warcraft Logs

Shamdood - Area 52 - Warcraft Logs

Shamdood - Area 52 - Warcraft Logs Pardon log for Argus. Strat called for me to die in last phase because of ghost wolf while dead.

Reason for hiatus. Guild fell apart and at the time I did not want to try to find another guild.

Bnet: Atlas#11409
Discord: Shamdood#6586

Hello. I’m the GM of Click To Move a Horde guild on Area -52 that raids on Fri - Sat 7PM - 10PM EST and an optional night on Weds 7-10 est for gearing new people on farm content. We are an older crowd (30 -50) with some of us playing years / tiers together on alliance before making the switch to horde in 9.0. Our core enjoys playing together in a focus but chill environment, we learnt a while ago that killing stuff with people that you have fun with makes the game a lot better so are looking for like minded people. Being an older crowd we strive to have a toxic free environment and are open to all types of walks in life and the only real qualifications are being mechanically adept and able to perform at a mythic level. Currently 10/10H, 3/10M , we also run a lot of keys as you can see from our mythic+ page on raider io, but being a two day raiding guild we would be pushing for CE at a slower clip and we know that is not for everyone. That being said, we came across your post and reached out to see if any of this would work / interest you. If not good luck with your search!

  • CrysTalis#1961 - BNET
  • CrysTalis#3723 - Discord

Hey Sham!! Would love to chat, added you on bnet, hit me up! 5/10M guild looking to recruit!

bump please :slight_smile:

Hey Sham,

Water Whippin Wizards / H / US / Hyjal is 3/10M 10/10H and a chill group of players who enjoy progression content. We think you’d all be a great addition to our guild as we are actively recruiting for dps to add to our core so that we can continue pushing mythic content.

Wednesdays / Sundays @ 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST
We are also pretty active in M+ and PVP throughout the week.

Shadowlands Progression
3/10 Mythic - Sanctum of Domination
10/10 Heroic - Sanctum of Domination
5/10 Mythic - Castle Nathria

Feel free to reach out if you’re interested!

  • Bnet: WisteriaNite#1425
  • Discord: WisteriaNight#4241

Hope to hear from you soon!


We are Le Clique, a horde CE guild on US-Hyjal that is a semi-hardcore raiding guild focused on Mythic CE raiding and Mythic+ dungeons. Currently 5/10M.

We are looking for great players that are wanting to be part of our group!

We pride ourselves in team play, improvement, and a non-toxic environment.

If you are looking to change or interested in mythic progression, let us know!

Our raid times are Friday + Saturday 6:30pm-10:30pm PST + Wednesday optional raid for farm content.

Current Needs:

  • DPS: All
  • Heal: All
  • Tank: All

We also welcome exceptional players outside of the current needs, don’t hesitate to ask!

Fill our the application form: : http://bit.ly/2M9u7qr

Questions? Feel free to whisper:

Discord: Ckbeast#7203

BNET: Ckbeast#1849

Hi Shamnut,

I think we might have a good home for you. please reach out if you would like to discuss further.

The dude pumps! He’s definitely worth a look!

Waffie! Hey dude! Thanks for making me look shiny.

I am closing this thread. I did find a guild. Thank you for everyone that reached out!

.,.,. {H} <Dojo> (Hyjal) 5/10M SOD (AOTC) T/W 9P-12A PST

Resurrected is looking for a few more players to fill core spots. About us:
Server: Sargeras
Faction: Alliance
Raid schedule:
Sunday: 7pm - 11:30pm CST
Wednesday: 7pm - 11:30pm CST
Progression: 3/10M, 10/10H

Feel free to add me battletag Madison#1306 or Discord Madison#0192 if you have any questions, thanks!