(H) Casual/social returning player LF guild

Howdy folks, as title says I’m a returning player looking for a new place to call home. Was in Avidity during Uldir as a heroic raider before we all took a break. I travel (a lot) for work, so no real set schedule. Mainly looking for a chill group of people to cut up with on weekends and get caught up for 8.3!

Bnet is Karu#1436
Discord is Karu#6340

Heya, welcome back.

If you need a place to hang your hat, or horns(?) just feel free to /who Annunaki or just look for me.

Also, your Discord name doesn’t appear to be working.

Ah, that would be because I fat fingered the wrong number. Fixed now. I’ll give you a shout after the holidays!