[H] <Casual Corps> Now Recruiting Sundays 8pm PST

Guild Name: Casual Corps

Guild Type: Casual/Semi hardcore

About Us: We are a newly formed guild who raided together previously in MC. Looking for a few members to fill our roster to head into and progress into BWL. The guild has a mature(many 30+) but fun environment with many of the members who come to the guild as long time guild/gaming friends, couples, and og classic members. Our goal to is clear content, have fun while doing so and making the most of our raid time raiding on a limited raid schedule.

Loot: We will be introducing EPGP heading into BWL where all raid members will start at the same point. MC loot will be MS>OS +1 if we bring in pugs for recruiting otherwise MS>OS.

Days/Times: Our current raid day will be Sunday nights at 8pm-11pm PST/Server time. At this time we will use that day for clearing mc/ony and head into BWL once the roster is filled. Another day may be added for MC/Ony runs once we focus on BWL content.

Requirements: We expect raiders to come prepared with proper consumables(pots, elixirs, food), raid spec and ready to have fun and get things done. World buffs are a bonus especially in BWL. Making the most of our raid time by being prepared is key to working with a limited raid schedule.

Looking For: We are currently seeking 2 heals and a few dps. Our highest needs
are for hunters and warlocks.

Please message Arkangel, Gracee, Twoshivs, Torahdane, Theogore or Windfury in game. Can also join our discord and message/post there.