[H] <Casual But Competitive> (Tichondrius) AOTC+ Guild 7/8H Raid Sat 6-9pm PST

Casual But Competitive is a guild looking to increase our current roster with like minded players that wish to progress through content. We are Currently 8/8H with Progression on Raz. We have a solid core of players ,but would like to increase our raid size. All classes and specs will be considered more so if your willing to flex to different roles.

Saturday 6-9pm Server Time (PST)

Raid Requirements

We strive to be a close knit group that has a good time while raiding. Tho we take raiding seriously we understand that this is a game and is meant to be played to have fun. But we also want everyone to focus up when its time to progress. We created this guild knowing that people have lives and things to do (hints the one night raid time). But in our off time we run mythic + through the week and have an alt raid from time to time. We all have experience in High end content but in our later years of WOW we decided to be a bit more Casual. But we are still competitive when it comes down to getting stuff done.

Discord: Nighthazard#8347

Just to echo this post, we are still actively recruiting! If you are a high-skilled player that doesn’t have much time to raid, this is the perfect place for you. Just one raid night a week, and no pressure or commitment to do additional raid days. We are still looking for any class with a preference for players that can flex roles when needed!

Still Recruiting Need Mage/Monk/DH DPS and ALL HEALERS.