(H) Casual Achievement Hunter LF Guild

Hi all, I have been playing alone for a while now and it’s lonely. I got a new job a while back and can’t commit to any type of raid schedule anymore, But I still love some wow and still love chasing those acheesement points, mounts and transmog gear. I’m wondering if there are any guilds that might have a spot for me?

I play a prot/holy pally, I would love to get back in the mythic+ scene but raids I think are out of the question. I would like to make some new wow friends and have some folks to chat with from time to time.

Hit me back here if you have any suggestions or more questions.

Edit I play mostly late nights.

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Hurray for other casuals! Check out the Horde Guild Directory at the bottom of this post if you’d like to see a wide variety of current guilds.

Do you roleplay at all? Plenty of guilds don’t require it, but it’s good to know if you’re interested in that as well!

No I don’t roleplay. I do respect and do try to not disrupt any RP that I stumble upon. I stick around on WRA because I love the chill community.

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Not sure if you found a guild yet but if your intrested mine is a social focused guild that could meet several of your current focuses either way hope you are having a great day.

I will look you guys up. Thanks for reaching out.

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wow i am pretty much the worst ever at recruiting it seems, uh cool though <3

They’re evolving