[H] Carebears is recruiting T/W 7:30-11p

Carebears is recruiting geared DPS/Healers/Tanks for Naxx (5/15). Tues/Wed 7:30-11p Loot Council. Semi-Casual guild with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere (raiding is supposed to be fun!). 25-30 of us have been together since launch and we’re excited to clear Naxx in a reasonable amount of time while enjoying ourselves. We come prepared and ask that our raiders and new trials understand the mechanics of each fight as to not waste their teammates time.

We are willing to accommodate geared and skilled groups of top tier players/alts from other guilds.

If these times work for you and you’re interested in a chat, DM Mack#3543 on Discord.


sweet nothings

Hello, friends.

These guys are super pwnage and they actually do not wipe* also if the idea of teabaging your mates when they afk intrigues you, please hit us up as we are top percentile teabag parsers.