[H] Calamity 8/10H late night guild recruiting

Calamity was formed in BFA with a solid core to push Nya’lotha CE. We fell short of our goal and want to make sure that doesn’t happen again. We are looking to bring on solid players that have the same ambition and goals as we do. Currently we sit 8/10H and want to fill out our roster to finish aotc and push into Mythic. We have also decided to start a second group that will raid slightly earlier. If you want to join our toxic free environment and raid in a “hardcore-casual” progressive raid environment with Cutting Edge as the goal, this might be the place for you!

Core-Tuesday and Wednesday 12am-3am EST Sunday 12-3am EST N/H raid (Sunday Funday)
2nd- 930-1130pm EST starting normal and progressing towards and endgame goal of mythic

We have always had a strong friendship at the core of the team and we are looking to expand on that by bringing more like-minded folks like you to the team. We strive to be on time and prepared for raid but also want to play outside of raid times.

Calamity’s goal is to keep a friendly/family atmosphere while pushing for the ultimate goal of CE. We are also looking for our team to push their IO in the M+ seasons to stay competitive. As well as create more activities for people to do during the week. Pvp is also goal for some in the guild. We want a place for people to come and have a group to do whatever activities they might need/want. Would love to get an active roster of people wanting to do M+!

-Be on time to raid (use attendance section in Discord if you cant make it)
-Be Prepared
-Be respectful of others
-Be informed on your class/spec, stat priority and BiS changes
-Be willing to keep up with the new grind that is gear
-Keep a balanced mind while progressing hard fights
-Quickly learn from your mistakes and be willing to admit and improve
-Open for constructive criticism

Current Needs

For our main team:
-DPS (hunters especially) but we are open to all players who can learn from mistakes and improve (if anyone can off spec tank for days our tanks might have irl responsibilities, even better)
-Healers (if you like to offspec dps even better for days we might have too many healers)
Any players who think they want to take on the challenge of Mythic Nathria

For our second roster:
-Starting fresh so all are invited to join! Looking for 180 Ilvl and will progress through normal gearing everyone with the endgame being mythic.

Contact info:
GM: Stroh Bnet- Strohs#11784
Co-GM: Azzy Bnet- squishybunny#1556
Co-GM: Sol Bnet- Mack#12262
Raid Lead: Erecta- Erectasauras#1641

Almost the weekend!! Still looking for quality players to help us push into and through mythic!!!

Still looking for folks!

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Early night team is looking to fill DPS and Healers! come hang out!

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Sunday Funday coming up, get a chance to get to know (we are awesome!)

I sent a few friend requests to inquire about joining. I’d certainly like to check out Sunday Funday tomorrow.

Still looking for folks!

The late night group is looking for some big D hunters

Still looking for more!

Lets get some more help in here! 9/10!

Looking for dps!!

9/10h now!! pushing aotc and into mythic pretty quick!

I’m interested in joining the Sunday team and working my way into the late night team as my gear and skill improve. I started the expansion a bit late but I’m caught up on renown to 26 and my ilvl is 180 something.

1/10 M 10/10 H looking for strong dps to join

Still looking for dps