[H] Cael/Nagrand/Saurfang <No Pants> 12/12M 2 Night LFM for Shadowlands

No Pants is an Australian based 2-night raiding guild on Caelestrasz/Nagrand/Saurfang that came into fruition during the opening of the Tomb of Sargeras. We are a chilled out guild that strives to get through challenging content at a steady pace and to have a good time while doing it!

If Mythic raiding isn’t your thing there is also plenty of room for any casual players that want a home. We do a lot of mythic+ and pvp throughout the week.

Recruitment needs - we are starting to reach the limit of our roster so we are looking for people wih solid raid experience (supported with logs) or players experienced in the class/spec listed below.

Tanks: Full

Healers: Full

MDPS: Full

RDPS: Mage (High Priority), Boomkin (Low Priority)

*exceptional players of any role are always welcome to apply.

Raid Times:

Thursday 8:00pm - 11:00pm ST (AEDT)

Sunday 8:00pm - 11:00pm ST (AEDT)

If you are interested in joining, trialing, or have any questions please contact one of the guilds officers below. We’ll supply you with a discord link. :slight_smile:

Mauldron / Method11#6264 (Bnet) - Guild Master
Spoonqt / Spoon#1383 (Bnet) - Raid Leader
Kaalz / Kaalz#11368 (Bnet) - Support
Azzil / Azzil#11174 (Bnet) /Azzil#5147 (Discord) - Recruitment

have sent a bnet friend request to Azzil and Mauldron, am a warrior main but have primarily played a bm hunter this tier because OP lol. looking to find a mythic raiding guild to progress into mythic raiding have mostly done Heroic raiding and feel like i need more of a challenge to live up to where i feel my skills can get me.
I will primarily be doing mythic plus as prot warrior and would be raiding as arms.

Fantastic talk to you soon.

2 night guild 12/12M still looking for Shadowlands team members

Need Legendary Tanks

Ever tried raiding with ? Trust me you’ll love it!
12/12M raid team LFM going into Castle Nathria.
Apply within and feel the breeze between your knees.

le bump bump

2 night Aussie guild looking for more

Must have amazing transmog! Look good killing mythic bosses with us!

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Hi There,

Have recently returned after long hiatus and looking for a guild to go through content for SL. Currently have Havoc DH, Aff/Demo Warlock, Shadow Priest and Unholy DK at max level. As I have returned from long Hiatus. Don’t have much raiding experience in BfA. But I’m willing to learn and put in the hours to “Git Gud!” :smiley: I’m Brisbane based so timezone isn’t an issue. Let me know

Battle.net ID: C0untZ3Ro#1681
Discord: C0untZ3Ro#6132

Bump! Still looking for some awesome dps friends!

Still looking for quality Monk, Warrior, Mage, Boomkin dps

We aren’t looking for boomkin cause we’re so badly tuned right now…best class though so fingers crossed we get the buffs! Come join for guaranteed mythic progression in a timely manner

6 hours 2 Nights and the Gorrack experience

Sent Bnet Request to Azzil
Returning mythic raider.