[H] <Brainwashed> 8/8 recruiting

Brainwashed is a new 8/8 guild of experienced players looking for a couple exceptional melee dps to round our core roster.
Loot System: LC
Raid days: Sundays 6:00 EST/Server. Mondays 8:00 EST/Server
One night BWL/MC Clears.

Contacts: Cismale / Badrasta / Envenomx / Bigdcamtowin


Bump. Great community


Oh nice, awesome that they have the endorsement of a Retail Blood Elf. Everyone knows Brainwashed is a wanna-be try hard guild full of neckbeards who’s leadership is from Welcome and Salt, and Cismale spent weeks trying to sow discontent in his old guild to scalp their B team.

Why are you pointing out a retail character while posting on a retail character? No welcome members are in leadership in brainwashed lol. “everyone knows”


If you’re considering joining this guild, take 30 seconds to look what their raid leader (Walka) did to his last raid. I time stamped it for you:

Whoops - posted from wrong character.

i am the only active welcome raider in brainwashed, and i have 0 authority in the guild, i dont know where u are getting this information from.

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welcome used to be in brainwashed but everyone but gondar left and most of us are not playing our horde characters actively anymore.

I was pointing it out because Cismale and Grzmot are the same person.

Hmm thats not true at all. Its seems you talk a lot without knowing what it is you’re actually talking about. Members from Salt G2 chose to leave due to the corruption in LC and weak leadership. I might point out that your efforts to grief my guild on your 110 retail mage are childish and show everything you’ve accused holds no weight. Please Respond on your Main character.

No actually, haven’t used the classic forums before. I am the 120 belf rogue lul. keep assuming things tho

Ignore all the Welcome/Salt crap. Tell me one reason why you’d trust Walka to lead a raid? Dude is a loot goblin psychopath. If you want to funnel loot to a fat mouth breather, join Brainwashed! Refer to previous youtube clip for the only reason you need.

It sounds like you have a personal Beef with a single person. You need to take it up with him and not MY guild. Its completely Inappropriate for you to spam my forum posts due to your grudge with a said person. Not to mention how spamming this non sense on my forum posts does not directly effect this person you have a grudge again. This only effects the great players and community that we have, here, in this guild. I recommend and hope that you reflect on this.

Look at video. I have heard from people in your guild he leads the raid.

He makes call on boss and trash fights/pulls as ALL good tanks should. I also make calls and lead. Again this is a personal beef between you and him. Its got nothing to do with my guild. So i ask you again to please take your Vendetta to him. This is my guild that I am running.

I wasn’t in the raid that YOUR guildie and tank screwed over 39 other people. So tell me how this is a personal attack and not against your guild? If you’re okay with this type of behavior, why should anyone join your raid?

Based off of my personal Experiences, he has been very helpful and a good player in this guild. People should join this guild because its a great guild with a lot of talented players. We have an amazing community of people who are always active, Wether it being Instances, PvP or helping other out. Im sure all other people in this guild can Vouch for that. His “Behavior”, has only been positive so far. I give everyone a chance despite past drama or rumors. You should be more open minded and move on. Please mind your own business and leave our guild out of this drama.

Plus I heard Walka has world first S5 shoulders, so that probably makes up for him being a massive douche.

Take your Personal issues to him, and not my guild.

He’s co-GM, so isn’t it his guild too?