[H] <Booty Bae> Looking for DPS

Booty Bae has immediate openings for DPS in our Team 1 Raid.

We raid Tuesday, Thursday, Monday from 8-11pm server time.

We require raid consumables (potions, elixirs, etc.) on the highest content currently available. Consumables are NOT required for MC, Ony, or ZG at this time.

We require the ability to listen in Discord. Being able to speak in Discord is required for tanking roles and special duties.

Our Tuesdays are BWL+MC full clear. Thursday and Monday are Ony and ZG.

We would love a Feral Druid that can perform as both Cat and Bear and a DPS Warrior or two, but are open to all solid recruits.

Solid team that has had to say goodbye to a few amazing players due to IRL circumstances. We are a very active guild. We even enjoy other games together when not playing WoW and people are almost always in our discord just to chat.

We use Loot Council for loot. Our loot council decisions are predetermined and posted openly so everyone can see who is getting the next drop and you know when your turn for loot is coming up. The loot council is guided in our decisions by a few rules of thumb:

  • Gear the tanks first
  • Gear major BiS upgrades first

What we expect of a potential recruit:

  • We don’t care so much about your gear as long as it is clear that you put effort into obtaining the right pieces that you need and actually have access to.
  • We understand your DPS is likely to be lower than we would like when you first start out with us. You will need time to get used to playing with us. That being said we do use logs to check on performance and ensure that you’re doing all you can with the gear you have.
  • Above all else we expect effort. You don’t need to live in the game, but you do need to put in the required effort to succeed.

If you are interested in joining us please reach out to myself, Mortalcombat, Wiggletwig, or Celica on the Ashkandi server.