[H] Boomkin/Guardian Druid/R shaman 3/10M LF Mythic Guild

Hello everyone,

I’m currently looking for a new guild and home. I’m looking for a guild that is at least 3/10m already (or slightly farther) and am willing to transfer to any server if the fit is right. My main is a venth boomkin / nf guardian druid I have loved playing for quite some time now. He is ilvl 250 and very geared for mythic content.

I’m currently at 3/10M but I was progressing on Soulrender, getting him consistently under 40% (lowest 13%) before my guild had roster issues. I’ve also had some practice on remnant as well, getting him to p3.

My available raiding times (prefer weekdays, but will do weekends if that’s what the guild does):

M-F – 5pm-midnight PST (8pm-3am EST)
Sa, Su – anytime really

I also have a resto shaman who is fully heroic geared as well (242 ilvl) and a holy pally I’m working on gearing right now, but is only 227 ilvl currently. I’m putting these out there as options, however I’d prefer to play as a boomkin/guardian druid primarily.

Please reach out to me on Discord at Jorpa#4996 or JPagz#1303 on battlenet if you think we would be a good fit for each other!!

BiOL has been raiding consistently since Wrath and are always open to more people to kick some boss butt
If you are tired of inconsistent guilds and want long term, consider coming to the alliance side. We have cookies and love dedicated raiders. Check us out and if interested give a poke, we stream our raids and you can take a peek if you’d like…
Regardless good luck to ya!