[H]<Bloodshot>US-Maiev,8/8H 3/8M, LF RDPS

<Bloodshot> 8/8H, 3/8M is a semi-casual group of mature raiders that enjoys downing high-end content on the US -Bloodscalp, Boulderfist, Dunemaul, Maiev, Stonemaul server cluster . The core group is made up of experienced players who have been raiding together for at least the last couple of expansions. We expect our members to be relatively chill and respectful to other guild members including socials members as we invite non-raiders to enjoy our guild as well.

As a member of our raid team, you are expected to maintain focus during raids, have good attendance, and come to raid prepared which means bringing all of your personal consumables (Flask, Food, Enchants, Gems, Health Pots, DPS Pots, Mana pots, etc) and bringing an understanding of boss mechanics and potential strategies we’ve posted in our Disord. We all strive to be our best so we expect the same from you.

Thursday and Monday: 7:00-10:00 PM PST (Progression)
Sunday: 7:00-10:00 pm PST (Heroic if people are interested)

We are actively looking to add some additional ranged DPS to our Mythic Uldir raiding team. If you are a ranged DPS and you excel at your class then we would like to speak with you. If you have a healing offspec, even better. Exceptional players of any role will be considered and are welcome to apply.

Send a message to Fierytaint-Boulderfist in game or Dukibritches#1999 on Battle.net if you are interested in joining our raid team.
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Hey I this is Fadeone I was your main warlock back in lich king. Got the plagued proto with you guys… can look it up in wow logs for verification… just got back to wow after a very long hiatus… amazed you guys are still at it and wonder if anyone remembers me. Any chance you might have a spot for me even just as a casual as im catching up? Let me know:)