[H] Bloodlust Tues/Sun 9-11:30 ST recruiting Tank

Title says it all, we are looking for a feral Druid or Warrior to fill out our raiding roster.

Raid times are from 9-11:30 server on Tuesdays and Sundays.

If interested please send a message to Coheede, Phoere, Namesartemis or Struggle.

The usual 10/10 and Ony dead. BWL starting Sunday.

Some reviews of our guild include:
“They’re just a mid tier guild”
“I thought you Hawaiians lived in grass shacks, the fact you have internet amazes me”
“Sawp boi like bang”
“The only guild to sit LeBron James”

With rave reviews like that, how could you lose! Also about 50% of the guild is from Hawaii so… Aloha?

Just a mid tier guild tryna make it. :smiley:

LeBron James here to speak on the Heat. I joined the Lakers because I’m nearing retirement. Bloodlust is still the Heat, remember that. I just like California weather that’s all…

On a serious note,these guys are a great bunch.
A Druid Tank would be a sweet thing for them.