[H] Bloodlines 7:15-10:15p T/W/Sun

TLDR; Community focused - experienced core looking for great players focused on fun while clearing content together.

About Us: 5/6 SSC, 3/4 TK; Bloodlines leadership is made up from retail Bloodlines that all but retired from the game and came back for Classic. We were server competitive in vanilla and intend to be competitive again – not in stacking perfect groups for speed, but rather execution. Play what you want to play, and we’ll figure out how to work it in. We focus on the players, the experience, and a fun time away from RL stresses.

Consumables: For progression fights: food consumables, elixirs/flasks, and potions (mana/health/ironshield/etc) are expected. For farmed content: we don’t sweat the small stuff. Generally speaking, guild crafters can craft the consumables as needed – it just shouldn’t be expected, so come prepared.

Raid Schedule: The guild is committed to raiding 3 days a week. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday, starting at 7pm ST. While the guild is committed to 3 days, we do not expect each player to commit to every single raid. Our loot system helps keep things fair and balanced. Additionally, we usually run “tier below” raids on off days or as attunement needs arise.

Loot System: We use an EPGP system, backed up by a democratic loot council. For the majority of the time, raiders will know who’s up for what’s next, which speeds up looting and gets focus back to clearing content. EPGP is primarily used as an attendance and gear tracking mechanism to provide objective input into the loot council – *which is not just officers *– raid members with 75% attendance are part of the council.

Recruitment: We have a fantastic core. We would like to round out the raid with a few more dps. Many of us have multiple characters or alts - all considered to be “single lockout” so that we can balance out a boss kill with the right makeup.

Come join a guild or at least open a dialog with one of us to find out more. Be an important guild member where your opinions matter and you’re not just a pawn doing your job without a community in the 2nd or 3rd raid group.

Currently Looking for Hunters and a healer for primary raid spot(s).