[H] <Blitzkrieg> T-Th 6-9pm server - LF dps warr , priest heals & enh shammy

Founded in 2005 on the Twisting Nether server, Blitzkrieg is here for long term raid progression and mandatory fun. Strong DPS is one of our key goals we take the time to get world buffs, ensure debuff slots including nightfall/annihilator, and have high threat tanks.

Our logs are public if you’re interested

Our official raid days are Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday from 6-9. We currently sit at 1 and a half days with our next goal being one night clear for all BWL/MC/Ony,

Blitzkrieg is currently recruiting for healer & dps positions. Please whisper in game Kiwanuka, or Zuzimul

Now featuring one night clears

Adding to the interviewing list - Fury warriors and a Feral druid who loves to tank and tryhard kitty

where them shamans at?

Currently have open raid spot for any Healer that like to pvp during the week.

Warlock+Warrior are the main dps need. Accepting Mage/Rogue +other dps Applications.

Accepting all dps applications + Resto shaman.

Team 2 aka our Sunday Funday alt raid is now forming. Chill laid back atmosphere.

What does Wed night raid involve? Need holy priest?

lets talk. message one of us in game!

Hi! I’m looking to transfer my fury warrior to Fairbanks. Are you still looking for fury warrior?


while warriors are awesome and we will never have enough, we will have to talk about gear, current progression and how you raid before we can set you up with a raid spot

–to anyone reading this, messaging in game is a million times faster. Thanks!

Bump for the peeps

Still looking for healers!

Fantastic guild full of mature, level-headed fun people.