[H] Blacklisted-Thrall 1/10 M10/10 H SoD | LFM Raiders and M+ Players

Blacklisted is an AOTC driven guild! Current prog: 10/10 H 10/10 N SoD

Name change in BfA, wowhead not updating old progress: wowprogress .com/guild/us/thrall/Arcanium

We are always welcoming more casual members to join our community! Please note, this is an 18+ guild, as we have adult humor.

**We are currently looking for the following for our Raid Team.

Discipline/ Holy Priest

Holy Pally

Windwalker/ Brewmaster Monk

Balance / Feral Druid

Havoc Demon Hunter


Any player with a reliable Off spec for M+ is also prefered**

** We Have Started Mythic Raid getting EYE down to 7%**
Were looking to get Eye down and move onto the Nine and onward this week!

Our guild consists of members that: Raid, push high and low M+, mount/pet farm, you name it… We do it!

We have a variety of activity days set up throughout the week, for all members to join in on!:

Except: Raid progress nights, these nights are dedicated to the raid team! Once we consistently clear Heroic we then welcome casual members to join in and get their AoTc! With item level requirements.

Sunday: All day is M+ & Torghast day! This day is dedicated to help anyone needing to get Torghast/M+ done for the week, also a M+ Guild push day!

Monday: M+ Day 9pm EST to 11:30pm EST

Tuesday: Mythic raid night! 9pm EST to 11:30pm EST

Wednesday: Mythic raid night! 9pm EST to 11:30pm EST

Thursday: Heroic SoD (alts )raid 9pm EST to 11/11:30pm EST (Optional)

Fun-Runs: What we do each week always changes, depending on what we all would like to do as a guild! Examples: Mythic raid (current tier, and older tiers of the same expansion), Meta achievement runs, transmog runs, etc.

Contests! We host a variety of fun contests: transmog contests, gathering contests, etc! We award gold for the winner each event/contest, occasionally we offer other prizes: pet, toy, mount, transmog!

If you’re interested to find out more about our guild, please contact Membership/Recruitment: Silverghost#1156 or any of the below via battle.net:

Guild Master:



Raid Leader: Bossmanroth#1978

Co RaidLeader: Rickyspanish#11226

Membership/Recruitment: Silverghost#1156

Events Coordinator: Hazelharlot#1445


I would be interested in discussing joining your guild. I sent a friend request to Silverghost from Misphire#1768 to discuss. :slight_smile:

responded to ya just reach out when ya can.

did you add me on BNet?

Currently looking for healers for our Raid team! If you love to have fun while killing bosses, we might be the right fit! Please reach out to any of the contacts in this post if you’re interested! :slightly_smiling_face:

Still Lookin for More Healers for Raid, and always welcoming Casual and M+ players!

Are you only looking for healers? 208 MM Hunter looking for a new home come 9.1

We’re in need of a Warlock and resto Sham to round out the raid team
220 Item level required
42 renown required.

Please reach out to me if your interested in starting Heroic Tuesday night!

226 ilvl Resto Shaman LF Guild… was previously 5/10M. 42 Renown. Mothandras#8675 on discord

Bumps, were in need of a holy/ Dis Priest for Progression. Please Reach out to me on discord or Bnet

Silverghst22#5135 on Discord

Look Forward to Talking with you :slight_smile:

Bump please

Recruitment Section updated! looking for more Active Players as we move toward Mythic Prog and our Completion of AOTC!

We haven’t had a disc priest on the team all tier :open_mouth: Would love to have a disc priest going into M progression! :star_struck:

AOTC Achieved! Still recruiting for Mythic! Please reach out to me let’s chat :slight_smile:

Hello Boomskie! I have been considering going Horde for some time now. Your guild sounds like a lot of fun. I love contests and events! I sent you a friend request on battlenet :grin:

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Mythis Prog started this week! looking for more players to add to the team!