[H] <Bite My Shiny Metal Axe> | P1: 17/17 + 3D | P2: 6/9 HMs (25); 9/9 HMs + Alg (10) |

About Us

Bite is a semi-casual guild that is looking to clear HMs while maintaining a social atmosphere. A large portion of our members have played together since Classic with some of our members joining us in TBC. We currently have two 25 man teams and have several 10 man teams that run weekly. We are looking to fill out our 25 man teams with a few needed players. Bench raiders and casuals welcome!

Team Champ

6/9 HMs | Tues/Wed | 9p-12a ST

Shadow Priest
(Other classes considered)

Team Momcorp

6/9 HMs | Sat/Sun | 9p-12a ST

Demonology Warlock
(Other classes considered)

Loot System

We use ThatsMyBiS (TMB) loot system. Every raider is responsible for creating their own wishlist and arranging them based on their own priority. We recommend that you include items that are not BiS but are also an upgrade that will help with progression.

Raider Expectations

- Be punctual 
- Able to communicate absences ahead of time with the raid leads
- Use required addons 
- Knowledge of fights or willingness to learn
- Proper enchants, gems, consumes
- Execute class mechanics
- Flexibility to run OS if needed

Required Addons

Method Raid Tools (MRT) - Visuals and Note sharing for 25 Man assignments
Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Discord: killerbees#5683
BNet: KillerBee#12808