[H] <Bigger Texas Cowboy Gang> 8/8 BWL - Recruiting 1 dps warrior


Bigger Texas Cowboy Gang is one of the oldest guilds on the server created day 1. We are a group of semi-hardcore vanilla vets led by a Top US Mythic Raider.

Raid Times: Tues & Thurs 8-11 PM Server time (This does not change).

Currently we are recruiting (as of April 19th)

  • 1 Geared DPS warrior

  • BWL 8/8 (1hr 25 minute clear)

  • MC 10/10 (1hr 15 min clear)

  • Onyxia 1/1 (split raids)

  • ZG (2 Raid teams).

We use Monolith DKP Addon for our loot system (no loot council).

Applicants need to have a great attitude first and foremost. Please have at least full pre-raid BiS, with some Raid level gear as well.

Please message myself, Tybo, Partywolf in game or message me on discord: Colinthetank#0833

Warcraftlogs: classic.warcraftlogs.com/guild/id/476716

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It be exactly like this

We’ve filled one core raid spot for a ranged dps, looking for just 1 more.

How are you guys looking on feral druids?


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It’ll be ok, can you point to where he hurt you?

10/10, would heal them again but now I can actually RP like I wanted and /cast Lighnting Bolt and /cast Chain Lightning.

We are full clearing MC + killing Onyxia in under 3hrs now. Easy 1 night clears.

Also, we are recruiting for pvp! We should have 2-3 very solid WSG groups and would like to expand that out.

It be like this

With the new year, we are recruiting again to bolster the roster in preparation for BWL. Looking for priests, resto shaman, and ranged DPS.

It is the Way

Smash that like button for purple gear

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It’s bulking szn for the roster

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2rdps caster 1 rogue would make my pp big

missed me? its been a while since i’ve bumped this post

Nobody misses a druid Fae :wink:

Updated original post with classes we are looking for.