[H] <Big Damage> 2 night weekend guild (Sat/Sun) 8-11pm EST)

Semi-Hardcore Raiding

We are recruiting for core spots

We started in 3 weeks late in Uldir got 5/8 and 3/8m BOD ended up disbanding due to gm/rl getting married. We have now reformed the guild from previous members, and have a strong team. We will be pushing for AOTC, and CE before Shadowlands.

Healing officer logs:
warcraftlogs. com/character/us/zuljin/pogsham#zone=21

Raid lead logs:
warcraftlogs. com/character/us/area-52/sworcus#zone=19&partition=2


Positions available:
Tanks: Closed
Healers: Hybrid heals/dps open
Range: High priority Hunter and Warlock. All others Open
Melee: Open

Raid lead:
Bnet: kingsh7t#1906
Discord: Protogonoi#4906

Bnet: grinch#1383
Discord: Phractured#1352

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