<H><BibleBlack> 6/8M US-Tichondrius

Server: Tichondrius

Classes Needed:
High: Locks, Rogue, rsham or disc/holy priest, orb runners, or any exceptional player!

Medium: Mage, Warrior, WW/MW
Low: Druid, Demon Hunter, Hunter, DK
Raid Time: Mon/Tues/Thurs 6-9pst
Mythrax 33% Killing on Thursday 3rd. Makeup raid on Friday 4th to start Ghuun

About Us:
Our guild just started raiding this expansion with the intent to get Cutting Edge. We want to be relaxed while pushing Mythic, so our goal is to recruit players who regularly check their logs and compare with others to improve on their own hps/dps. This will prevent 3 weeks of wiping to the same boss. We are NOT an elitist guild, so if you have that attitude, this guild is not for you. On that note, we do heavily emphasize that our players are on top of their own logs making sure their dps/hps is as high as possible. Individual skill is what our guild relies on due to the lack of raid time compared to other guilds. Our guild does daily M+ keystones to get gear and create a fun environment. Average age is roughly 25 with a range of 20-30.

Working Mic
70+ logs on 4/8M


oharroo #6090

In Game:

Awesome guild:) 10/10

still looking!

Ivl 374 hunter. Looking for a raiding time of 8pm CT. I think that’s 6 pst. I’m nearly 15k dps. Still working on gear but hard to get through raids by pugs. I’m interested. 7/8 heroic. Can’t find a mythic group

still need warlocks and exceptional players!