[H] <Bear Fight> recruiting!

Times: 8:30-11:30 ET (server)
Days: Tuesday/Thursday

Bear Fight recruiting any DPS and/or healers looking for a heroic guild on the small Earthen Ring.

We’re a tight-knit community that’s been raiding since the Nighthold, looking to expand our numbers for 9.1.5 and beyond. Server 3rd AOTC!

We do heroic, heroic alt nights, mythic+, and meta achievement runs each tier.
Not looking for any class/spec in particular, just play what you like and come have fun!

Battlenet: Seraie#1260
Discord: Seraie#3083
In-game: Seraie-EarthenRing

Sent a friend request on Discord as Aefyn.

I am looking for a guild for me and my son. We are a pally and priest combo. Looks point to chill and do mythics and some raiding.