<H> - Barthilas - Venture - 3/10M

  • 2 nights a week raiding guild on Barthilas – Horde

About us:

We are a guild that achieves cutting edge within limited raiding hours. We expect our raiders to be well prepared for each tier, whilst also being able to quickly learn from mistakes and rotation issues.

We simply want to improve in world ranks every tier, or ensure we’ve genuinely tried to do so, without increasing the amount of time we raid.

Potential applicants are expected to excel at their class, and must be able to both take and give criticism in a constructive manner.

We are a progression focused guild, but we also maintain a friendly environment in and out of raid. At most times there will be groups of people hanging around Discord, playing WoW or a variety of other games.
-Treating fellow raiders with a reasonable amount of respect
-90% Attendance during prog
-Extensive fight research/prep

Raid Times
-Friday 7:30-10:30pm Server time
-Sunday 6-9pm Server time

Recruiting: All exceptional DPS.


Guild Master – Btag: MatthewRMF#1521
Discord: Rarty#5520

Raid Leader – Btag: Adzybaby95#1980
Discord: Adzie#1051

Healing Officer – Btag: Dubberness#6915
Discord: Dubberness#9743

Bump, still recruiting!