[H] Barthilas <TenInchesUnbuffed> 2/10M Castle Nathria Now Open for Recruitment

We are now 1/10M on Castle Nathria. Congratulation to our guildies that put effort to achieve this results. We would like welcome new players or returning players to join us in Shadowlands

We are group of friends and family that raided together on last few seasons. Most of us were from various location : Eastern/Western Aus, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, etc.
Our raid times is on every Thursday and Sunday- 10.30pm - 01.00am st.

Besides raiding, we also have couple of few teams are keen to pushing keys. You can check us out in raiderio and we do keys all day.

If you are interest to join us , please kindly fill up the application form which you can find the link under Raiderio - TeninchesUnbuffed guild page. Due to some security reason, I couldn’t post any external links in the forum.

We are specifically looking for few good DPS and healer to fill up our mythic raiding spots:

  • Warlock (Any spec preferably Aff)
  • WW Monk
  • Unholy DK
  • Fire Mage
  • Restro Shaman
  • Disc & Holy Priest (need to know how to play both spec)

If your class is not listed above, you still can fill up the form. We will be look through :slight_smile:

Also if you would like to understand more about us, you may add my recruitment officer thru battlenet or discord
Battlenet - SaltPizza#2534 / Discord - Pizza#0209

Thank you and looking forward to see you soon :slight_smile:
Have a nice day !

Here some of the kill vids on the previous expansion :slight_smile:

Hope you can join us soon. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Mythic Raden down yesterday night! Bump Bump!! We are still recruiting!

9/12 now drest’agath down LF Rdps for core spot! Bump Bump!!

Bump Bump! We are still hiring, looking for Rdps ! Next would be llgynoth!

10/12 on Mythic Cara now LF mage/locks and Dpriest BUMP BUMP!!

Put in guild request. I work nights in United States. Only play Tauren. Could be elemental shamen if like. Will use 120 token of interested. Let me know! Btag FortheHorde#1414

Added you :slight_smile:

bump ! Mythic Ilgynoth down ! Carapace next :slight_smile:

Here’s the kill vid enjoy


Bump Bump, now recruit for Shadowlands!

Bump Bump now looking for few outstanding DPS to fill our mythic roster :slight_smile:

Bump Bump, still looking for DPS and healer to fill our rosters