[H] Barthilas <SEAcret Society> | Casual Raiding and M+ Guild (AoTC) | GMT+8

SEAcret Society is a Barthilas Horde guild formed by a group of casual WoW players across Asia Pacific who genuinely wants to enjoy the fun of playing the game, running guildies through mythic+ to gear up, and helping each other with random stuff like crafting —and of course - raiding! :slight_smile:

We’re mostly working adults, many whom have been playing since The Burning Crusade. Our superpowers are being empathetic and respectful of our guildies’ time and need to have their real lives outside of the game.

We love to explore, learn and experience new content on WoW together. We enjoy teasing each other, laughing at each other’s “face palm” moments in game.

We’re recruiting players who simply want to enjoy the game the way we do - and who yearn to have a helpful, supportive, fun-loving, mature and level-headed group to play with. No toxicity, no unrealistic expectations, no raging or rude crazies.

Raid days are Wednesdays and Fridays, 8:45pm (GMT+8).
Current Progression: 9/9N, 9/9H (AOTC)

We’ve a Discord channel and a guild Whatsapp chat group - so we can chat about everything WOW, ask for advice or simply make arrangements to come online and play. We also chat about stuff outside of WoW - from families to holidays, from food to strange habits lol. We are pretty diverse that way. :wink:

If we sound like the guild you would love to be part of, come chat with us.

Ping us on Battlenet

Hello! The description fits perfectly by what I’m looking for in a guild. Would love to join as a casual raider :smiley: Just sent you a friend request on Bnet

How are your healers stacked? Room?

Do you accept low level returnees?

Sent you a request. Would love to talk.

Hi @Daketh - there will always be room for healers! Add me on BNet for a chat?