[H] Barthilas <Salsa Verde> 5/8M LF DPS. 9.30pm-12.30am SVT <3

Salsa Verde is a newly formed Horde raiding guild on Barthilas. We are currently 5/8M and are seeking to fill out our raid team in anticipation of 10.1. We offer an active key pushing scene, alt runs for raids and a friendly, mature environment to hangout in.

We are currently welcoming players of all stripes. So if you are a social player, new to the game, looking to gear up for future content, or into pushing high keys we have got you covered.

That said, our main focus is currently recruiting for raid.


We are currently looking for:

  • DPS. all specs welcome to apply, eager to hear from these in particular:
    … Shadow priest, Rogue, Warrior dps, DK dps, Enhance shaman, Warlock

  • Interested in holy pally.

  • Soft minimum of 410 min ilevel for mythic. Happy to review great applicants.

Raid Times

  • Our raid times are 9:30pm - 12:30am SVT.
  • Main raid nights are Thursday & Sunday.
  • Currently alt raids are on Wednesday.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please get in touch. Formal applications are handled via our Discord. Please speak with MamaHuff for access.

They can be contacted on

  • Discord - MamaHuff#0196
  • BattleNet - DumBishJuice#1761
  • Discord - Code#5547
  • BattleNet - Code#21329

Cheers x

LGBTQIA+ inclusive!

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Bump m’lady

bump for me lords <3

I bump this post!

bump for m’ladys <3

I have raided with these guys for a couple of weeks now, good group of lads looking to improve and push Mythic. Great vibes all around :slight_smile:

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you know what it do bump

bump bump bump. pls come along and pump

yall warriors, enhance and warlocks slide into my dms

Do you guys cross realm guild. Looking for the sort of times you have, but im on frostmourne.

We do @daketh

Feel free to message me also on Discord if the other guys aren’t online: Code#5547

Still looking for some more Melee dpsers :slight_smile:

2% Mythic Terros Wipe on first prog night - not tooo bad!

Still looking for peeps!

Well I’ve enjoyed my time here.

3/8 mythic now c: need couple more dps

Bump m’lday

we’re gearing tf up for the new season boys and girls

Come gear up for season 2 with us