[H] BARTHILAS MULTI CE GUILD <Smart Buff> Recruiting for Season 4/Dragonflight

We still need more DPS to join the core team!

Still recruiting more DPS!

Scaly says he’ll give you 100k gold if you can beat his parses :stuck_out_tongue:

Still looking for more DPS for Painsmith. Warrior Pref. Almost at p3 when these guys learn to run an intermission :stuck_out_tongue:

scaly gave me 100k to bump this post

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" would you be a complete darling
and boost a forums post for me?
my dear"

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Still looking for some DPS!

BUMP! Looking for some healer offspecs/ DPS players that are keen on progressing mythic sylvanas and eventually 9.2!

Still recruiting for sylv / 9.2 :slight_smile:

Looking for ANY exceptional DPS players to join us prog for CE!

Scaly can cook you chicken, come come!

I desperately need someone to help me fix my transmog.

Oh and I’m also looking for a DPS and a tank for mythic sylv prog and 9.2 ig. Let’s get that CE!

i need to poo

Last last pull, sureeeely

Looking for a DPS!

ook ook and zug zug

surely a decent DPS wants to talk to me. I want more friends.

Wait… I’m meant to dodge the swirlies on sylvanas?

Bumping this post because my GM is lazy Arseee c***

Bumpity Bump Bump