[H] BARTHILAS MULTI CE GUILD <Smart Buff> Recruiting for Season 4/Dragonflight

About Us
Hey there! We’re an Australian CE-Focused Guild that aims to achieve CE at a relaxed pace while having fun. We LOVE banter and gambling.

Raiding Info

Even though we still share a fair few laughs, we still like to take it seriously when it matters. Therefore, the expectations for every raider is as follows:

  1. Every raider is prepared for each raid night with appropriate talents, conduits, and gear. As well as all necessary consumables, including Health Potions and Armour Kits.
  2. Every raider, if possible, makes an effort to help clear trash early if necessary.
  3. Has a great attitude towards the game and willingness to improve.
  4. Keep up to date with their class and the meta surrounding their class.

Previous Progression
10/10M - Sanctum of Domination
11/11M - Sepulcher of the First Ones

When do we raid?

Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday @ 8:30-11:00pm ST

All nights combined come to a total of 7.5 hours of raiding a week.

What are we looking for?


  • Tank: Not open.
  • Healers: Exceptional healers
  • mDPS: Exceptional players of any class!
  • rDPS: Current prio on mage and warlock/not recruiting hunters/exceptional players encouraged to apply.

Any questions or further inquiries, feel free to contact my battle.net or discord:

Tez#1620 - Raid Leader and Guild Master (Battle.Net)
Scalyskin#8030 - Raid Leader and Guild Master (Discord)

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Bump! Still looking for our next gartic phone buddies! I mean… raid friends.


Great guild to be a member of. We also run high-level Mythic+ keys and just generally have a good time hanging out in Discord.

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bumping because Scaly said I wont get loot if I dont

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Still looking for more players!

scalyskin said he would gkick me if i didnt bump this

Enhancements taken sorry not sorry

Still looking for some DPS/Healers!

Come play with the best Shamlock on the realm! Yeah you heard me right!

We also have members that can teach you the get rich scheme if you’re into that! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Still recruiting a DPS player or two. Possibly a healer off-spec as well. Ner’zhul should die this week!

We killed Ner’zhul! Will you come help us this week on Soulrender? We have a spot for you!

Come join us for Mythic Soulrender

Still looking for a pumper hpal!

Bumping because scaly said I had to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump! Soulrender dies soon!

can a healer sign up pls

Soulrender down! Still looking for some players to down Painsmith with us!

Bump :smiley: Painsmith time!

Looking for more DPS/Healers for Painsmith Prog!