[h] barthilas <apoptosis> sg/my guild (gmt +8)

Hello All,

Apoptosis is a recently founded guild, consisting of groups of friends and family members that look forward to progressing and having fun together! We have team members from many regions, with an emphasis towards Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

We are currently farming Heroic BFA Raids (12/12H) weekly and looking to progress to Mythic Raids once we have enough members.

Raid Timings
Wednesday and Friday - 11pm - 2am st (9pm - 12am, GMT+8)

Besides raiding, we love doing M+ Keys, Mount Farm Runs, Pvp + Battlegrounds together in the guild!

We are looking for all DPS/Healer classes to fill up our core team! Any new casual players are more than welcome to apply as well!

You may add me or any officers through ingame or battlenet if you are interested.


Thank you and we look forward to chatting with you soon.

Best Regards,


I stopped wow since 2014 and wish to play back retail. I am looking for guild which can guide me the new game play experience. I am from Singapore.

Hi im currently planning to re-sub to level multiple fresh toons to 110 preparing for prepatch and SL launch, im also looking for RaF buddy (resub this friday)

If the guild interested in recruiting rooster in SL kindly let me know :slight_smile: (plan to play multiple toons focusing on tank / heal but ready to adjust as the rooster needs)