[H] [Barthilas] 10/10hc Tank LF Mythic Guild to break into mythic raiding

Hi I’m a returning player, I played primarily in TBC and WotLK. I am keen on tanking, and as an altaholic, I have leveled up all tank classes besides demon hunter. My main is currently Template, a prot warrior (character id 62950248 on warcraftlogs).

I am looking for a new guild as I wish to raid Mythic but after a guild merger I have been passed over for the new mythic team. I am 10/10 hc which can be seen though my logs, as I have publicly logged almost all of my runs.

I am looking for a guild that raids at the mythic level, and is serious about progressing (not necessarily hardcore, but not 1 wipe and calling it a night). This would involve 2-3 nights of progression raiding a week, with 1-2 nights of non-progression raiding (e.g. hc) to gear members.

I am willing to faction/server change for the right guild, but would prefer not to.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me in game via whisper, in-game mail, disc qasqafak#4805, or bnet Dekibeki#1143.