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Shadowlands is well and truly here, and Chaos by Design is looking for some truly amazing people to join our guild. We are building something utterly unique - a group of people who share similar values and a utter love gaming. We do not care about your ilvl, your io score, your raid progression, or your highest key. What we care about is the community we are building together and having fun.

We are not your usual guild in that we are not progression based, our whole idea with Chaos is to create a guild that is a true community. No aspect of the game is the full focus of the guild and in that regard welcomes all players of all skill. We are all here to have a great time with this game that we love.

We are currently running one organised raid night a week while currently planning on a flexible night once a week as well. This night can be an array of things including but not limited to; Arenas, Rated BGs, Torghast, M+ and Timewalking Raids. We raid every Wednesday at 7:30pm server time, AOTC is the goal in mind. As being in a guild is about community, we will also be hosting contests, PVP, transmog and mount runs, and some other incredibly exciting events that will be announced very soon indeed! Admission to the guild is not a guarantee of raid spot.

This is the perfect time to find a new home and start your journey into Shadowlands with Chaos By Design.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me: BNET Geodard#11951

Come and see what we are building! Some very exciting things are on the way including a gladiator themed dueling competition