[H] <Avatar> is recruiting for AQ

Avatar is recruiting a couple more players to flesh out our raid team roster for AQ:

Avatar is an epgp guild that aims for a semi-casual, RL-friendly atmosphere for skilled players that can be effective at clearing content and having fun while doing it. We generally 1-shot BWL most weeks - we’re definitely not speedrunners, but we do aim to execute well and have members who do really enjoy pushing themselves. We have 2 TF in guild and plan to push through AQ and Naxx.

Raid days/time:
Mondays 6:30PM ST (8:30PM CST) - ~9:30 ST (11:30 CST)
Tuesdays 6:30PM ST (8:30PM CST) - ~9:30 ST (11:30 CST)

We also have lots of guildmates who love to death roll, so if death-rolling, or laughing at people death rolling and losing their fortunes, is appealing to you Avatar is a great place for it!

We are mainly looking for:
1x Healing Priest
1x Fire Mage

(Other classes may be considered)
(Gear is a non issue as long as you have at least pre raid bis)

If this sounds the place for you, you can message me here, or send me a friend request in discord and we can have a chat, tag “Ninjaflipout #9422