[H] <AVALANCHE> 11/11H is looking for more

Hello friends! We are AVALANCHE. AVALANCHE is an AOTC focused (Heroic only) guild that is all about Raiding, Community and Fun. We wish to do sufficiently challenging content while also allowing our players freedom to have fun and lives outside of the game. We try to support each other in our endeavours, give a home for everyone in the guild and allow them to express their own identity and strengths as people.

Going into shadowlands we have 3 goals in mind every raid tier

  1. Help each other achieve our goals
  2. Achieve Ahead of the Curve (AOTC) for each PVE raid tier
  3. Achieve Glory of the Raider for each PVE raid tier

Our Raids are 11:30pm Server time - 2:00 am server(this is 8:30 - 11:00pm pst) Tuesday and Thursday. We have people who try to achieve m+ mastery every season as well and are willing to teach people.

Our recruitment needs specifically are the following:
High needs -

  • Tank
  • Healer - Full Time - 2 slots
    RDruid > Holy /disc Priest > RShaman > HPal > MW Monk
  • Healer - Flex
    RDruid / Boomie > Disc / Shadow > RShaman / Ele

Medium needs -

  • Warlock
  • Warrior
  • Priest (of any kind)
  • enh shaman
  • WW monk
  • Mage


  • always looking for exceptional players

Feel free to contact on discord fynale#1653 or Bnet fynale#1653 , please do have logs ready (doesn’t have to be for that class/role or even current) if you have them!

Hey there. Retired mythic tank looking for a more casual raid team. I took a huge break from wow and now looking to come back.

I also sent you a friend request on Discord so we can talk.

Contact me via
discord: Fatcat5936
bnet: Fatcat#11147

still looking out there

still on the look out

Come on and raid!

We’re still looking for more!

9.2 is aalmost upon us

im looking for a raiding guild. pretty much can raid whenever, I have some caveats though,
hit me up in game.

still really looking for a healer.

Another day without a healer app. Apply today!

The Sepulcher Opens! will you apply today?

first week was a 7/11N success let’s keep it rolling

We are back at it again at crispy creme

we’re looking for healers again!

Still accepting all applicants for review

as always looking for people

Just seeing if anyone’s come round

still on the hunt for some people

Come and join us!

as always we’re looking for people