[H] Aussie Player LF Guild


Hi all,

I’m going to try my luck here because OCE is no longer populated nor does it have any guilds that suit my play times.

I have recently transferred to horde and have had an extended break from raiding, however am looking at getting back into it.

Have pugged AOTC and all M+ runs on Frostmourne Alliance, however felt it was time for a change to come to horde.

I can raid on the following:
Ele sham, MW monk

Would like to have an active m+ community in guild.

The raid days which suit are as follows (hopefully I have captured most major time zones and have got the days right):

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
PST 1am to 3:30am
CST 2am to 4:30am
EST 3am to 5:30am

Friday, Saturday (more interested in raiding these days)
PST 1pm to 9pm (anytime between this)
CST 2pm to 10pm (same as above)
EST 3pm to 11pm (same as above)

These times are due to early hours at work.

Feel free to drop a note here or send me an add for further discussion.