[H Atiesh] War Stomp

Realm: Atiesh
Faction: Horde
Guild Name: War Stomp
Type: PvE
Raid Schedule: Kara Wend/Fri 07:00 PM-10:00 PM PDT - Gruul/Mag Sat 07:00 PM-10:00 PM PDT
Recruiting: All classes /specs.

Looking for: All kind of players interested in pushing TBC content and moving on starting with our Third Kara group and moving forward to get our second 25m group. We aim for people that can be on schedule during raiding days, compromised, always with their consumables and repaired equipment before each pull. We dont need the best players but those who are willing to be good teammates and friendly to each other, we are a friendly and also casual guild (except when raiding).

What if im not 70 yet: No worries, are guild members have the best disposition to help.
What if im not Pre-raid BiS: It doesn’t matter, we are always running dungeons so we can help you get your gear/rep.
What if i can only raid once per week: We currently have different raid schedules, you can sign up for the best day for you.
Do i need consumables: Yes, for each and every raid.

Whom to contact Ingame:

  • Forb GM
  • Clow RL group 1
  • Hourne RL group 2
  • Mokomarn Officer
  • Irisanna Officer
  • Iunno Officer
  • Sitrik Officer
  • Ahrwald Recruiter