[H] <Assault> AotC weekend guild LFM

Downed 3 new bosses this weekend, up to and including Fatescribe on Normal! 2 bosses remain, venturing into Heroic soon! Check out what I am looking for and reach out via Battle.net if interested! :slight_smile:

Come check us out! We are a cool group of people to raid with!

Normal is cleared and the first boss on Heroic killed! Amazing progress tonight with Kelthuzad, Sylvanas and Heroic Terragrue killed. Come check us out :smiley:

Come join us! We’d love to have you. :heart:

To the top! Now working on Funsmith in Heroic ~ Still looking for several key DPS spots. Would love to hear from you!

Looking for heals and other skilled players :slight_smile:

Recruitment needs updated! Still have spot for a healer and some DPS :slight_smile: Working on Funsmith, currently 7/10 H! Almost to AotC!