[H] <Assault> AotC weekend guild LFM

Raid times are 7-10 PST (10-1 EST) on Fri/Sat evenings.
Currently 11/11 N & 5/11 H Sepulcher, but we only do light progression in Mythic post-AotC to keep things interesting. Other post-AotC activities include achievement runs for current and previous tiers and M+ groups and pushing for KSM.

  • Adult oriented guild that is understanding that other things take priority; very understanding if things come up that require you to miss a raid from time to time or wanting a break. We also take raid breaks before new patches and for all major holidays to prevent long-term burnout.
  • Cauldrons and feasts are provided. Most consumables beyond that are optional (unless requested for close kills) with the exception of enchantments which can be provided by the guild. Min maxing is not required, if you are playing a sub optimal covenant because you like the mount or the gear set better, great.
  • Outside of WoW, we play other games, as well. We have a few who play League, Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy, and a handful of Steam and console games.

Highest priority need for recruitment right now is mage DPS & hunter DPS (preferably ranged). Will consider most ranged DPS except warlock. I only recruit for positions that I intend to fill and keep filled for a long period of time; no one gets benched and there’s not a rotating roster of raiders. Players who can play the above but also be flexible and change classes or specs for different types of content (raid, M+, PvP) are highly encouraged to apply. Currently there is room for heals in our raid, but no tank positions for raid - though tanks are always in high demand for M+ content.

If you intend to apply, I do not care about your logs. We want quality humans over quality DPS - meters can be improved, attitudes can not. If you are wanting to get into Heroic raiding, we are very patient and helpful and willing to help you take that next step. We have several raiders who raid with us who have gone onto Mythic guilds or continue to raid with us in a stress-free capacity away from their Mythic guild, so we have ample resources to teach and help one another.

Add me on BattleNet (limbrok#1655) to inquire about trialing. You can leave a message even when I’m offline and I promise to reply within 24 hours.


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We are still looking!

Still looking! :slight_smile:

Still looking for raiders heading into 8.3!

Shadowlands is around the corner! Take a look at what we are needing for Shadowlands :slight_smile:

bump great team to raid with

I am a havoc DH looking for a guild to raid with, sent you a friend request on battle.net. The only days I can commit to a raid would be Friday/Saturday nights so your schedule is a great fit for me. I also play some vengeance and will be tanking some M+

Hope to hear back from you!

Updated! Looking forward to hearing from you all :slight_smile:

EDIT: Some typos

bump normal cleared great team to do it with

Liim is mean to me, but everyone else is cool.

I’m still pretty new to the guild, but it was nice finding a late night group that’s chill and focused on progression. Just cleared CN 10/10N after taking a holiday break.


Achieved AotC a few weeks - will be dabbling some in Mythic in the coming weeks and looking to fill out our roster prior to next raid! Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

Uhh, bump I think?

Me hit bosses.

Cleared Normal yesterday to earn all of the Castle Nathria achievements :slight_smile: We now have new bat mounts! Come join us for AotC and a little Mythic and other fun activities :slight_smile:

Resto Shaman here wondering if you have any openings. Also have plethora of alts that could be used if needed.


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Hi Xenthu!

Sorry for the late response, I did add you on Battle.net.

Right now we are mainly looking for the ranged DPS I listed… we had a few raiders who wanted to roll shaman next tier, so given that, we’re pretty tight on shamans, but I would be interested to hear what alts you’d be interested in bringing to the table!

Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m an experienced raider looking for a new guild to raid with that’s more laidback and friendly. I’d be willing to play hunter/warlock if accepted. Let me know, I added you on bnet Liim

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Updated the intro post to modernize it a bit. Take a look and reach out if you are interested!

Bump! Great chill raid team to run with!

Recruitment needs updated! Really in search of clothy DPS (particularly mages or a warlock) and a DK DPS with a tank offspec for M+!

One or two shot the first five bosses on Normal last night, then we got to Painsmith… Unfortunately no raid tonight, so we will have to get vengeance on him next weekend. Come join us next weekend for the kill!

Love your perspective on the game - wish I fit your category would have loved to hang out and run M+ with some cool people. hope you find what you are looking for!

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