(H) <Ashen Oath> (Earthfury EST-PVP) 7/8 BWL

Our history:
We are a relaxed group of raiders who started as an EQ TLP raiding guild; players that banter during trash pulls, focus during bosses and get stuff done. Our focus in WoW Classic is to complete all content and we are well on our way! If you are looking for a guild you can call home for Naxx and beyond , look no further!

Raid Times:
8PM to 12AM EST on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Currently 11/11 MC/Ony, 7/8 BWL.

Our Expectations:
We expect dedication to the guild and attendance. We want those who can commit to our raid schedule and will come to raid prepared. We don’t care about your current gear, we will gear you if you’re a dedicated player.

Loot Distribution:
Loot council. This council consists of the officers within the guild as well as 2 randomly chosen raiders each raid week. They will be basing their decisions off of different factors such as bis gear list, skill level, performance, attendance, and involvement/activeness in the guild.

Current Needs :
We run a single raid group that is nearly full and are in need of skilled dps to fill the last couple of spots. Would like to fill with 2 of the following; however, we encourage anyone with similar ideals and play styles to apply as we may be able to accommodate regardless of class/spec:

Dps Warrior

Have questions? Feel free to contact any of the guild’s officers for more information:
Kaizo (GM), Ascian, Arthour, Meatseeks,
Hocus (bnet: Diablos#1202, disc: Silenzor#2841)
Djinn, Novembër (alt + 0235), Trolliath

www. ashenoath .com/

discord .gg/YmbKjE