[h][arygos/llane] <malicious cowz> lfm


Malicious Cowz is a newly formed guild, we are a bunch of friendly active helpful folks. The main core of us has been playing together for over 10 years! We avoid drama and all the toxicity that other guilds have fostered and we help provide a fun gaming atmosphere for our members.

What we are looking for!
Hopefully you! We are looking for like-minded folks to join our ranks for Raiding, Mythics, PvP, Socializing and more! If you are interested please visit our website and check us out. If you have any questions please either contact us via the game or in discord and we can give you more information.

Contact Info

In Game contact via Battlenet: Ibokagain#1589
Discord: Ibok#9250

Thanks for your time and looking forward to meeting you in the game!


We currently raid

N NYA (12/12) Fri 8PM EST, H NYA (7/12) Sat 8PM EST.

We also still group up for mythics, m+, islands, and other events. We are a very active guild and are looking for any type of player that is looking for a guild to call home, you are most welcome. Questions contact me via discord or via battlenet, happy gaming. You will also find us by using the new guild finder tool!