[H-Arthas]<Hard In the Paint> US19th Recruiting All - Late Night

Hard In The Paint is a hardcore mythic raiding guild on Arthas-US comprised of highly skilled and driven players. We offer a competitive environment where players strive to better themselves and succeed. We are mostly college students or young professionals (23+) and are usually always on discord in the evenings, whether it be organizing alt runs, competing for mythic+ times, pushing CR in arenas, or playing various other games together.

We raid evenings, 4 days a week, Mon-Thu 8pm-12am PST as mandatory progression hours while running Sunday as an additional progression day with depending variables (boss/comp/MIAs/fatigue).
This is 11pm-3am EST.
This is 10pm-2am CST.
This schedule is for progression, during farm our hours are cut down to 3 hours per day. That would make our farm raid times Mon-Thu 8pm-11pm PST

** We do sales once progression is over in each tier

Immediate Needs
Healers in particular 100% core

Not recruiting your spec? Apply anyway! We strongly encourage exceptional applicants outside of our direct needs to chat with us!

Our past experience includes:
US 19th M N’Zoth the Corruptor
US 18th M Queen Azshara
US 15th M Uu’nat
US 21st M Lady Jaina Proudmoore
US 33rd M G’huun
US 28th M Argus
US 26th M Kil’jaeden
US 25th M Gul’dan
US 43rd M Helya
US 45th M Blackhand
US 23rd M Imperator Mar’gok
US 7th H Garrosh Hellscream 10m

We are currently around a 25 person roster and are aiming to stay around this number.

We use a loot council system to fairly distribute loot among our raid members. Drama over loot is and will NEVER be tolerated.

Everyone in the guild plays to win and we want to continue to promote a highly team oriented mentality. Our goals during progression will always be to do whatever it takes to give us the best chance of winning against the next boss(es).

What We Expect:
You have done what you can to min/max your character.
You are confident in your abilities to play your class at a high level, including all applicable specs.
You can both give and take constructive criticism in a mature and respectful manner.
You can adapt to encounter mechanics with little negative effect on your dps/healing/etc.
You are searching for a long term guild to progress into future tiers with.
You can handle a very loose and ‘open’ guild atmosphere.

How to Apply:
Please fill out an application on our discord server or contact an officer below. Discord: 5GP7jjE

Contacts (Bnet / Discord):
Xfighta (Xfighta#1693 / Xfighta#7435)
Pyrodraco (Pyrodraco#11316 / Pyrodraco#7014)
Hexicant (Bulbasaur#1105 / Hexi#5758)


Need some awesome healers who like long walks on the beach and drinking vodka to forget about their woes

She’s still afraid to post on her main. Healers and ranged, we’re looking for you!

I need a big strong Paladin to come holy shock me!

Yuni bakes cupcakes for the healer core, you don’t wanna miss out!

I made brownies today! All healers come and get your brownies while they’re still around. I’ll probably eat them all during raid… :sob:

Did your brownies survive raid?

I didn’t even know there were brownies, I feel betrayed.

She only shared them with the healers

I played blood! Thats’ pretty much a healer!

I cant believe it’s almost Easter and I haven’t had any reese eggs yet.

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Looking for more fun individuals who enjoy sleeping until 5pm, eating only chipotle and McDonalds, and being good at a 14 year old mmo!

I wonder if it will let me post three times in a row?

I doubt it

Easter has come and gone, and I didn’t eat a single piece of chocolate pepehands

I had an entire chocolate bunny. It was really good.

I need more Animal Crossing friends to trade with!

It’s hump day.

Hump day is always rough but luckily for me it is Sunday

Yikes how did a week go by already?