[H] [Area-52] <Sentry> AOTC Guild looking for dps for Dragonflight

Hello everyone, we are the guild Sentry on Area-52, a Horde sided guild looking for all DPS to help finish preparations for Dragonflight. We are a LGBT+ friendly guild that believe in being on the smaller end of size, building a group of close-knit friends who can be open and social with each other!

Many of us are returning players from previous expansions or even just early Shadowlands, experience in raiding isn’t a requirement to join, nor is raiding in general a requirement. If you want to be apart of the raid team, we’re looking for people who can be on time every week and willing to listen and learn. We’re going for AOTC, hoping to be able to raid the week the raids launch in Dragonflight. If you’re looking for a chill group, one that doesn’t feel cliquey where you can enjoy hanging with others, come on over and gives us a try!

Our raid times are 8-10:30PM EST, Wed/Thurs, if you’re applying for raid please make sure you can make these times! For contact, please message us on discord!
GM- LoreNihilus#6933,Officer-Jenneh#0001

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still looking for a few dps spots! also have one healer spot available

Hello Morningz, I sent you a friend request on discord. I’m interested in joining your raid team and can commit to those raid times.

still looking for dps!

Still have a few dps spots open!

Mostly in need of melee dps but all range can still apply!

updated our post!

we mainly have spots now for melee dps

still looking!

Time for Dragonflight! come join us!

we have one more spot for dps come join us!